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  • We help build a sales pipeline

    We help build a sales pipeline

  • We make selling easier

    We make selling easier

  • We establish you as the thought leader in your industry

    We establish you as the thought leader in your industry

  • We provide a high return on investment (ROI)

    We provide a high return on investment (ROI)

  • We dont do gimmicks

    We don't do gimmicks

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Be A Lovecat

Be A Lovecat | Jeff Payne

Today business and sales professionals are trying desperately to understand how to maintain their value as professionals in an increasingly inattentive and busy world. There is a way to influence people and win business, to be a person everyone turns to, who leads rather than follows, who never runs out of ideas, contacts, or friendships. […]

Facts Are Not Enough

Facts Are Not Enough | Jeff Payne | marketing, branding

Let’s face it, we’re all consumers. We all buy. We’re scanning, swiping, clicking, liking, and sometimes sharing and tweeting. We are moving so fast that we don’t even have time to think let alone process all the information we encounter. Some of us save our ideas to Evernote (use this link to create a free […]

This Is What You Look Like

This Is What You Look Like | Jeff Payne | Marketing

It’s a 102 degrees in Austin right now and very humid! On days like this, which are common in Texas, I can still hear my mother saying, “Do you have sunscreen on?” A few years ago riding in the Hotter n’ Hell 100, I forgot to slather sunscreen on before riding my bike 100+ miles […]

Abandoning Things We Choose

Abandoning Things We Choose | Jeff Payne | marketing

In his book, Return on Influence, Mark Schaefer shares an interesting fact. He says most people abandon a business book after reading only one-third of the book. When you consider the fact that these people believed in the idea, the title, or liked the author enough to purchase the book, only to abandon it just as […]

Create What People Can’t Live Without

Create What People Can't Live Without | AscendWorks

Where would I be without my iPad mini, my smartphone, my MacBook Air, or my 27 inch iMac? I honestly can’t imagine it. Nor can I imagine not having Google, Amazon, iTunes, Audible, Basecamp, Facebook, WordPress, etc. These are all tools I use everyday that make life easier and more enjoyable. Things I didn’t even […]

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