The Evolution of A Buyer

The Evolution of A Buyer | AscendWorks

The Purchase Journey Today’s shoppers bounce back and forth moving at their own speed in a multi-channel marketplace. They switch devices to suit their needs at any given time or whim. They search content, read articles or reviews, evaluate ratings, compare prices, and they may even repeat this process a few times until they are […]

What is Content Marketing? Do I Need It?

AscendWorks | Content Marketing

Content marketing is not new. It is everywhere — and most of it is ignored. Creating compelling content that gets noticed is not easy and requires patience, persistence, and drive, not to mention — talent, time, belief and ideas. Content Marketing Defined There are many definitions for content marketing. It can be confusing. Do a […]

The Battle for Attention

The Battle for Attention | AscendWorks

The world is swimming in an abundance of content and information. Marketers and business owners alike are ever struggling in a growing battle for customer attention. The era of one-way, brand-directed mass communication is over. And yet most of the messages we receive on a daily basis are firmly ingrained in those good ’ol days. […]

Assume The Timing Is Later

You have to build momentum in your marketing and keep it going.

The people who show up at the grocery store are ready to buy something because they have a clear desire to buy food. That is the beauty of known needs that are immediate and consistent. You get people that are ready now. But what about the timing of your stuff for people who can wait […]

Without Engagement You Have No Marketing

marketing engagement

Well, the New Year of marketing is under way. As the clock ticks, you have the opportunity to invest into assets that build a connection and will be working continually for you ongoing even after December 31, 2014. It can be a year of engagement and substance with the right strategies and systems. When you […]

The Marketing Reality of the New Year

New years focus

Happy New Year from our AscendWorks team! It is a privilege to connect and share our thoughts and strategies that we put heart and soul into day in and day out. Undoubtedly, you are hearing about reflections and resolutions as the turning of another new year comes to pass. For us, we think there is […]

Showing Up Is Better Than Perfection In the Long Run

consistency of content over time

One of the hardest things to do is click the “Send” or “Publish” button. It means you have to put yourself out there with what is ultimately incomplete work. What you decide to send is never perfect because anyone can come along and tell you a few things to improve. You can always make your design, […]

We Are Looking for the Timely Story

Master timely content

Take a look at any store, and the layout changes for the holidays and the season to match what is on our minds. Albeit, Christmas seems to be creeping ever earlier, now even before Halloween! Marketers capitalize on what is relevant. We don’t find bikinis appealing to buy in December or heavy wool mittens worthwhile in […]

Keeping Perspective on Social Media

social media not gimmick

We find ourselves educating our customers on social media many times. It has a lot of meaning and promises for different people. But ultimately, it is a channel of distribution. It is an important place to broadcast your message and participate where it makes sense. But you have to remember a few things that are […]

Living Content in the Email Inbox

email inbox reference valuable

All content is not equal. Some of it may be a hot flash where timing is extremely important. If you don’t post the right tweet at the right time to the right people it is buried in the stream forever. Some content may persist a bit longer like a news article on a popular site. […]